A Breakdown of 2015 MLB Challenges Using Instant Replay

As of September 4, 2015, exactly 1,049 calls have been challenged by managers and reviewed by MLB officials. With one month left in the regular season we wanted to look once more to see what, if any correlation we could find between the number of challenges and the challenge success rate of each team. We will revisit these numbers at end of the season.

Some notes:
• The most amount of challenges: Cubs (57)
• The least amount of challenges: Athletics (26)
• The highest success rate: Yankees (82%)
• The lowest success rate: Blue Jays (34%)
• Of the Top 10 teams with the highest success percentage, 5 were among the 10-least in terms of number of calls challenged: Nationals, Astros, Yankees, Marlins, and Brewers
• Of to Top 10 teams with the most challenges, only the Tigers were among the Top 10 in success percentage.