3 Golf Rules That No Longer Exist

Matt Self found an article detailing golf rules that were once part of the game, but have since gone the way of the dinosaurs. Evidently there was a lot of poop back the day. 

These were three of our favorites.


Oh, Crap. Literally.

Rule"If your Ball lies amongst human ordure, cow dung or any such nuisance on the fair green, you may, upon losing one, lift it, throw it over your head, behind the nuisance and play it with any club you please"


Tee Time Is All The Time

Rule: "You must tee your ball within a club's length of the hole"


Sup Dawg?

Rule: "If a dog happen to carry off or damage a ball in the course of playing, the party to whom it belongs shall be entitled to use another, and lay it as near to the spot where taken from as can be guessed."