What will the Milwaukee Bucks new arena look like?

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shared on fancred by ANNIE HARMON

The Bucks want to build a new arena. Yay! The Bucks also want to invest in the surrounding area to provide a better gameday and neighborhood experience. Also, yay! 

Why is this so great for Bucks fans? Because it continues to showcase just how much the Bucks are committed to building a premier NBA franchise, and squashing any potential rumors about relocation. 

Here's the rundown of the arena proposal:

  • Arena size: 700,000-square-feet
  • Arena capacity: 17,000 seats
  • Public plaza size: 60,000-square-feet
  • Estimated cost: $1 billion, with half going to the arena itself and the other $500 million to development of the surrounding Park East corridor.



Unrelated, but not really... this is the rumored new logo the Bucks will be adopting for next season.

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