The Top 5 SEC Football Stadiums According to Yelp

1. Bryant-Denny Stadium (Alabama Crimson Tide)

shared by Tim S. on Yelp

The only stadium in the SEC with a 5-star average, Bryant-Denny Stadium takes the #1 spot for SEC stadium rankings on Yelp. Opened in 1929, capacity has been expanded 11 times, making a sellout crowd to 101,821.

"It doesn't matter what team you pull for, this place is impressive.Will L.

"...I never knew they held special events in different halls inside the stadium. The food prepared by the staff here was amazing. And the last thing you'd expect from a stadium food staff. We had lamb cooked to perfection, shrimp wrapped in bacon, flank steak with herbs..." James L.

"Nice stadium, obnoxious fans." Terry W.

Well... can't win 'em all.


2. Tiger Stadium (LSU Tigers)

shared by  tammy d.  on yelp

shared by tammy d. on yelp

Tiger Stadium is home to the LSU Tigers and located Baton Rogue, Louisiana. Known for its deafening roar, go cups, and crowd intensity, many visiting teams struggle to play against the The Mad Hatter's squad.

"Death Valley is truly a place where good teams come to die." Jando S.

We hope Jando is speaking figuratively, not literally.

"Death Valley is just as loud as any big time stadium in the country.  What sets it apart is that it gets unhinged more than any other place in the country." Kyle W.

"My advice is stay thick skinned and let it roll off.  If you actually start to engage them in conversation they tend to drop the BS and actually become very friendly.  You may even score some great tailgate food and drinks.  The last thing you want to do is give it back in an aggressive style which may lead to you getting your ass kicked." Tim S.

So... no corn dog jokes, k?


3. Ben Hill Griffin Stadium (Florida Gators)

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share by christopher M. on yelp

Known affectionately as "The Swamp," Florida fans flock to Ben Hill Griffin Stadium to watch the Gators play.  Even though the past few seasons haven't been ideal, the Gator loyal spend their time on Saturdays perfecting their "Gator Chomp," rain or shine. Mostly shine.

"The heat is an issue here-- if you go for a day game, expect to be miserable as the stadium gets about 10 degrees hotter than outside and there is very little breeze." Jared V.

To be fair... you are in Florida.

"The Swamp is as good as it gets. SEC football, always toward the top of the list of Hardest Places to Play. When it is sold out (every game) there is no place better than this, bigger than some NFL stadiums (looking at you Tampa Bay Bucs)." Christopher M.

Shots fired. 

So... what else makes The Swamp unique?

"This stadium is even open when football season is not in session. There are many things you can do here. For example, you can 'run stadiums', take photographs on the field, or use it as a short cut on campus." Jen L.


4. Neyland Stadium (Tennessee Volunteers)

shared by  Gary N.  on Yelp

shared by Gary N. on Yelp

The largest stadium in the SEC tops out at 102,455 spots for 102,455 Vols. Neyland Stadium sits on the banks of the Tennessee River, which means you can tailgate from your car, or from your boat.

"100,011 screamin', cussin', hootin', cheerin', orange clad tennesseeans, and a stampede of large men, grunting and racing around in helmets, fighting over an oblong ball.

i have just described your version of heaven, or your version of hell." Billy Su B.

"Stadium is large and electric.  Great game atmosphere.  Also love the location on the river and the Vol navy." Tim S.

They play Rocky Top. A lot.

"Obviously at 100K + it's a massive stadium, and the sheer look of a mass of orange is impressive.  It was also neat to see the Power T forming and checkerboard endzones, and Rocky Top for the 1st time...not so much after the 9999th time at the end of the game." Kyle W.

5. Jordan-Hare Stadium (Auburn Tigers)

shared by  Kyle W.  on yelp

shared by Kyle W. on yelp

Jordan-Hare Stadium in Auburn, Alabama is filled with tradition, from Tiger Walk to the eagle flight before kick off, you can experience a lot of history within this stadium. In the near future Jordan-Hare will also boast the biggest video board in college football at 190-by-57 feet.

There are traditions, sights, and events to enjoy throughout the day.

"If you have never been to Tiger Walk, seen the Eagle soar, or rolled Toomer's corner then you are truly missing out." John W.

"They also have some cool traditions like flying an eagle around their stadium before the game starts.  There is an aviary on campus that is his home." Adam V.

Also, protect your butt. 

"Just make sure you bring your own seat cushions for those metal benches or you rent or buy just about anything in this stadium." Jeremy B.