17 Things An Athletic Director Does On Gameday

scott stricklin  rides with his precious cargo

scott stricklin rides with his precious cargo

"What is it like to be an athletic director?" That's the question we posed to Scott Stricklin, Athletic Director at Mississippi State University.

So... rather than simply telling us, Scott wanted to show us. On February 10, 2015, Scott shared each moment of his day on his Fancred profile. From breakfast to bedtime Scott showed us what gameday as an athletic director is really like.

Summary: He's really really really busy and we're not entirely convinced that Scott ever sleeps.

Here are 17 things an athletic director does on gameday.


1. Prepare for the day ahead

"I arrive at the office at 7:30 am (I take turns carpooling the kids, but this isn't my week to do it) and spend the first 30 minutes reading my Bible and prepping for the day." -Scott Stricklin


2. Meet With Your Staff

"Walked by the conference room, where marketing guru Leah Beasley is leading a meeting about baseball gameday presentation. Leah and her staff do a phenomenal job!" 


3. Get updates on Current Projects

"Starting the day by checking out the latest version of a video the Bulldog Club is preparing to support the exciting new Dudy Noble project. Later this spring, fans will have the opportunity to put deposits down for seats in the new park."


4. Meet With the "Money Man"

"Stopped by the office of Duncan "Money Man" McKenzie. Duncan played football at MSU and is a GREAT guy. And, like most CFOs, he's a tad conservative when is comes to dollars.

We have a running game we play... I try to spend all of our money, and he tries to hide it all from me. But I'm usually pretty good at finding it!" 


5. Mentor OTHERS

"About two or three times a month a young person emails or calls to seek career advice. I'm getting on a call right now with someone who works at an ACC school and has aspirations of being a head coach one day. This person emailed me out of the blue, so we set up this call to discuss. Its rewarding being able to provide insights to young people who want to make a career of athletics." -Scott Stricklin


6. Be Available

"One of our university attorneys, Brandon Jolly, just stopped by the office for a visit. Brandon is a great help for us, because there is seemingly always a contract or issue that requires assistance." -Scott Stricklin


7. Look Ahead, because next season is just around the corner

Scott stricklin

Scott stricklin

"Bulldog Club staff Bart Gregory and Kyle Merhege discussing football tickets with Jason Walker. Season ticket renewals were sent out last week. With home games against LSU, Alabama and Ole Miss, sales should be brisk."


8. meet with former athletes

"Lunch with one of my favorite Bulldogs... Johnthan Banks of the Tampa Bay Bucs. Super person who makes his home in nearby Webster County."


9. Be Flexible

"Bulldog baseball begins this weekend and the weather isn't cooperating. High of 47 Friday. Coach Cohen just texted me that he'd like to consider moving scheduled start time up from 6:30 pm. No decision yet, but it's being looked at.

Any time there's a possible schedule adjustment, lots of people (facility staff, marketing, ticket office, game operations, etc) have input." -Scott Stricklin


10. Meet with the coaches

"Tracked down Vic Schaefer to ask about an early season tournament the women are playing in next year. Contract is ready to be signed and I had a couple questions. His 13th-ranked team is getting ready for practice ... They head to Lexington to take on No. 10 UK Thursday."


11. use free time to catchup with your fanbase

"A break in my calendar means time at the computer answering emails and working on this week's update to Bulldog Club members." -Scott Stricklin


12. brainstorm

"Doing some prep for tomorrow's monthly coaches' compliance meeting. I'd like to focus on the importance of being creative and innovative in our thinking. At MSU, our willingness to try new things has to be an asset, because not every school is willing to try new things." -Scott Stricklin


13. Excercise

"I try to run four or five times a week, three to four miles per run ... Helps to clear the head in addition to being good for the body. Heading out now for a run through campus with Sr. Assoc. AD Bo Hemphill." -Scott Stricklin



"3.5 miles later, time for a quick shower (having a bathroom attached to the office is definitely one of the perks of the job!) before heading to Dudy Noble for Cowbell Yell. Saw students were already lined up for their free Dudes shirt." -Scott Stricklin


15. Attend Student events & Promotions

"Students arriving for Cowbell Yell are entering through the team clubhouse. Nice touch."

"Great student turnout for Cowbell Yell at Dudy Noble Field."


16. Head to the game

"Quick bite to eat and now at the Hump for MSU-Alabama basketball. Let's get that W Bulldogs!" -Scott Stricklin


17. Wind Down & prepare to begin anew

"Too many missed chances tonight at the Hump. Tough way to end a long day. Enjoyed being with everyone on FanCred. Let's do this again soon. Hail State!" -Scott Stricklin


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