Mets fan surprised with World Series ticket on live video

This is Jeff. Jeff is a lifelong New York Mets fan. By his estimates he has watched more than 4,000 games between the Mets and their foes in his 33 years as a fan.

So, yeah... Jeff really likes the Mets.

Jeff's wife Jennifer is behind the camera, and she convinced him to make the video by telling him that she was going to live video stream a Q&A about his Mets fandom on Fancred. It was all a setup for the payoff, which you can see if you fast forward to 1 minute 50 second mark.


1:50 - Jeff sees the ticket.

2:30 - Jeff cries. (Who can blame him?)

2:41 - Jeff threatens death if the ticket is fake. DEATH.

4:15 - Jeff twerks.