Day 1: The NFL Fan

Are you ready for some football? (But seriously, are you bundled up for the game? It's freezing outside, bruh.)

The NFL is the most popular sport in the US, and with the Holidays and the Playoffs upon us, you and your loved ones will need all the gear you can get.

Day 2: The College Fan

College colors run deep not just because of one's fandom, but also because our friends and family have been apart of these universities for generations.

So whether you're a football, basketball, hockey, softball, baseball, equestrian, swimming... [deep breath] ....and diving, tennis, track & field, volleyball, lacrosse, or golf fan... '47 has college items ready and waiting for you.

DAY 3: The MLB Fan

Sometimes you win, sometimes you lose, sometimes it rains.

There will be no rain today because '47 has a Fancred exclusive promo, which you can get here.

DAY 4: The NBA Fan

Step 1: Check out the promo.

Step 2: Browse the Gift Guide.

Step 3: Stop whatever you're doing, go grab your best friend, then spend the rest of the day playing NBA Jam.