Fancred on the web


Three weeks ago we launched fan profiles on the web at Today we’re excited to announce that we’ve integrated your fan profile and your Fancred community on the web!


To help you easily understand these improvements, the answer to the following questions is yes.

• Can I post on
• Can I see my fan profile at
• Will using Fancred make me better looking even if I’m already very good looking?
• Can I search for other fans on
• Can I visit team feeds on
• Are hot dogs with ketchup okay to eat at sporting events?
• Can I add people to my crew on
• Can I comment, vote, and share others’ posts on
• Can I email if I have more questions?


Fan Profiles

We began building the world’s largest fan network on March 12, 2013. 
To celebrate, we launched your fan profile on the web! Fan profiles are a perfect new way to see and share Fancred online.

Head to on your laptop to see your fan profile. To add to your profile, just use the Fancred app.



Your favorite teams, moments, games, and conversations, all in one place.



These are your people. The ones in your sports life who you follow on Fancred.



Your photos beautifully displayed in team albums.


What are Fancred web profiles?
Fancred web profiles are the perfect new way to share Fancred on the web.

How can I post?
All you need to post to your profile is the free iPhone or Android app.

What can I do with Fancred web profiles?
You can share your own profile with anyone you want to see your sports photos, moments, and thoughts. They can create their own fan profile by downloading the free iPhone or Android app. In addition, web profiles provide an easy way to see what your Crew is sharing. You can easily vote, comment, and see others' profiles.

Why is Fancred launching web profiles?
We’re launching web profiles to give you a simple way to share your sports life with more people and to make it easier to interact with your Crew on the web.

How do I see my web profile?
To see your profile, all you need to do is login at

Who can see my web profile?
Only members of Fancred who are logged into can view your profile.

What is included on my web profile?
Albums for all of your favorite teams.
The photos you have uploaded, neatly organized into albums.
Any thoughts and articles you've shared.
The most recent posts from your Crew. The ones in your sports life who you follow on Fancred.

Can I upload photos on my Fancred profile?
Yes, using the Fancred app any post you make will show up on your fan profile. Fancred is focused on the mobile first experience, and we’re excited about how web profiles will make it easier to see and share moments with your Crew.