That hug, though.


Seattle has the most picks with 11. The Jets and the Rams have the least with 5.


3 days. 7 rounds. 256 overall selections.


Jameis in the house or nah?


You can watch from anywhere.


Let the weekend-ish begin.'s a day of rest, y'all.


Primetime matchups to start the work week


Hope you like rematches.


Them jorts.


It fits perfectly.


That first down line is expensive.




This ball, one of the oldest known footballs still in existence, was preserved to commemorate Yale’s 1-0 “rugby” victory.


If the Rams stay, they'll stay here.


Still empty.


The best of the best.


It's hot in Miami. It's very hot in Miami.


May 15-18: Three-day post-draft rookie mini-camps

May 18-20: NFL spring league meeting (San Francisco)

June 21-27: Rookie Symposium (Aurora, Ohio)

July 22: First day of NFL training camps.

August 9: Hall of Fame Game: Pittsburgh vs. Minnesota (NBC)

NFL Preseason Schedule

WEEK 1 (Aug. 13-17)
Carolina at Buffalo 
Dallas at San Diego 
Denver at Seattle 
Green Bay at New England 
Indianapolis at Philadelphia 
Kansas City at Arizona 
Miami at Chicago 
New Orleans at Baltimore 
NY Giants at Cincinnati 
NY Jets at Detroit 
Pittsburgh at Jacksonville 
San Francisco at Houston 
St. Louis at Oakland 
Tampa Bay at Minnesota 
Tennessee at Atlanta 
Washington at Cleveland

WEEK 2 (Aug. 20-24)
Buffalo at Cleveland (ESPN, Aug. 20) 
St. Louis at Tennessee (FOX, Aug. 23) 
Cincinnati at Tampa Bay (ESPN, Aug. 24) 
Atlanta at NY Jets 
Baltimore at Philadelphia 
Chicago at Indianapolis 
Dallas at San Francisco 
Denver at Houston 
Detroit at Washington 
Green Bay at Pittsburgh 
Jacksonville at NY Giants 
Miami at Carolina
New England at New Orleans 
Oakland at Minnesota 
San Diego at Arizona 
Seattle at Kansas City

WEEK 3 (Aug. 27-30)
Detroit at Jacksonville (CBS, Aug. 28) 
Seattle at San Diego (CBS, Aug. 29) 
Houston at New Orleans (FOX, Aug. 30) 
Arizona at Oakland (NBC, Aug. 30) 
Atlanta at Miami 
Chicago at Cincinnati 
Cleveland at Tampa Bay 
Indianapolis at St. Louis 
Minnesota at Dallas 
New England at Carolina 
NY Jets at NY Giants 
Philadelphia at Green Bay 
Pittsburgh at Buffalo 
San Francisco at Denver 
Tennessee at Kansas City 
Washington at Baltimore

WEEK 4 (Sept. 3-4)
Arizona at Denver 
Baltimore at Atlanta 
Buffalo at Detroit 
Carolina at Pittsburgh 
Cincinnati at Indianapolis 
Cleveland at Chicago 
Houston at Dallas 
Jacksonville at Washington 
Kansas City at St. Louis 
Minnesota at Tennessee 
New Orleans at Green Bay 
NY Giants at New England 
Oakland at Seattle 
Philadelphia at NY Jets 
San Diego at San Francisco 
Tampa Bay at Miami