RIP Tal's Hill

shared on fancred by  JB MCCRACKEN  

shared on fancred by JB MCCRACKEN 

Some people love Tal’s Hill.  Some people hate Tal’s Hill.

Regardless of your stance, Tal’s Hill was the last unique baseball creation in recent memory. Yes, we’ll always have the Green Monster, and we’ll have the tank-o-rays for as long as the Rays stay in Tampa, but Tal’s was different. If you think about it, Tal’s Hill doesn’t even seem possible. A flagpole and a significant incline in the surface, both in play.

"The project is part of a $15 million renovation that would move the center-field fence about 27 feet closer to home plate -- to a new distance of 409 feet -- and would be completed prior to the 2016 season.

The fence currently is 436 feet from home plate, the deepest in the majors. It would be the sixth deepest when the renovations are complete."

These are some of our favorite moments in the history of the Hill. Goodbye, old friend.