The Art Institute of Chicago lions are ready for the Stanley Cup

shared on fancred by   ALLISON GOODWIN

shared on fancred by ALLISON GOODWIN

Allison and Heidi each shared shots from Chicago today on their fan profiles. These are the famous lions which adorn the Art Institute of Chicago entrance. It's a storied Chicago tradition.

"The Art Institute's famous western entrance on Michigan Avenue is guarded by two bronze lion statues created by Edward Kemeys. The sculptor gave them unofficial names: the south lion is "stands in an attitude of defiance," and the north lion is "on the prowl." When a Chicago sports team plays in the championships of their respective league (i.e. the Super Bowl or Stanley Cup Finals, not the entire playoffs), the lions are frequently dressed in that team's uniform. Evergreen wreaths are placed around their necks during the Christmas season."

shared on fancred by  HEIDI BODANSKE

shared on fancred by HEIDI BODANSKE