Here's what the US Women's National Team needs to do to advance

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You nervous after that 0-0 draw on Friday night? Don't be. Why? Something darn near catastrophic would have to happen in order 

"It was nearly as good as a win, because it left the Americans alone in first place with their final match against the lowest-ranked team in the group. With a win over Nigeria, the U.S. wins the group. And winning the group is important -- because the second-place finisher in Group D must play Brazil, which has looked good, in the Round of 16."

What you really should be thinking about is what happens next. Who would the US team play and why does that matter?

"For the winner of this group, perhaps the most likely next opponent is Colombia. An intriguing match with England is also possible, as is a clash with France, the world's third-ranked team. The U.S. is ranked second, which means the Round of 16 would be a strange place for the two to meet.

"Even if it loses to Nigeria, the U.S. will most likely advance, having already earned four points in its first two matches. It would then finish second or third in this group. All second-place teams advance, as do four of the six third-place teams."