MLB umpires must wear black underwear... and 17 other baseball facts

  1. Charlie Sheen once bought 2,615 tickets to a Major League Baseball game so he could improve his odds of catching a home run ball.
  2. The Albuquerque Isotopes minor league baseball team was named after a baseball team on The Simpsons.
  3. Bobby Richardson (New York Yankees) won the World Series MVP for a losing team.
  4. Tim Raines used cocaine between innings in the dugout, and would to slide head first to avoid breaking the cocaine vials he carried in his back pocket.
  5. Bill Voiselle wore the name of his hometown (Greenwood, South Carolina) on the back of his uniform.
  6. MLB umpires are required by rule to wear only black underwear in the event that they split their pants.
  7. On June 12, 1970, Dock Ellis threw a no-hitter while under the influence of LSD.
  8. Johnny Bench could hold seven baseballs in one hand.
  9. The first baseball uniforms were worn by the Knickerbockers in 1849. The uniforms included straw hats.
  10. In 1970, the owner of the Oakland A's, Charlie Finley proposed the use of orange baseballs. They were used in two exhibition games.
  11. When Jimmy Pearsall hit his 100th home run in 1963, he celebrated by running the bases in the correct order but facing backward.
  12. George W. Bush was the first United States president to own an MLB team (Texas Rangers).
  13. Dave Winfield intentionally killed a seagull during a game in 1983.
  14. The biggest Opening Day win margin came in 1955, when the Washington Senators beat the New York Yankees 19-1.
  15. The first Opening Day game played outside of the U.S. was in 1999, when the Padres faced the Rockies in Monterrey, Mexico.
  16. The Minnesota Twins turned two triple plays in the same game against the Red Sox on On July 17, 1990.
  17. Approximately 160,000 baseballs are used during an MLB season.
  18. MLB banned “spitball” in 1920, but they granted exceptions to 17 pitchers. The last “legal” spitball was thrown in 1934.