NFL still America's favorite sport to watch, but MLB is on the rise.

A poll recently released by Harris Interactive shows the NFL's continued rise as America's favorite sport despite a 3% decrease since 2013. 

The question asked was: "If you had to choose, which ONE of these sports would you say is your favorite?"

Pro football is the top pick among 32% of sports fans, while baseball only garners "favorite" status among half as many Americans (16%). However, baseball enthusiasts can feel good that their sport of choice has managed a two percent point increase from last year's 14%, while football saw a three-point decrease from 2013's 35% - meaning the gap between the two narrowed by five points year-over-year.

College football comes in at #3, though it too saw a drop in interest in 2014.

As if only to reaffirm the sport's widespread appeal, men's college football comes in as America's third favorite sport, with 10% of adults supporting its claim, though, like its professional counterpart, this sport has also seen a narrow decrease from last year's 11%. 

On a random note,  Harris Interactive also found that 1 out of 5 Millennials think that Quidditch is a sport.

Interestingly, Millennials showed themselves to be the most open-minded when it comes to "what is a sport," as they threw more support behind a number of options than any other generation.
• Dodgeball (49% Millennials vs. 38% Gen Xers, 35% Baby Boomers, & 36% Matures)
• Competitive dance (42% vs. 33%, 30%, & 25% respectively)
• Ultimate frisbee (41% vs. 32%, 26%, & 24% respectively)

 Quidditch (19% vs. 9%, 6%, & 4% respectively)
• Video gaming (16% vs. 6%, 6%, & 4% respectively)
• Competitive eating (11% vs. 4%, 3%, & 1% respectively)