Like Soccer? We like soccer... even when it doesn't count.

This past weekend the United States faced Panama in a friendly. It was awesome and we don't care that it didn't count. We love winning, and we whether it is darts, cornhole, a game of Trouble after Thanksgiving dinner,  or a friendly against Panama... we just want to win.

When soccer comes around, instant patriotism mode is engaged. Since Fancred was originally launched in the US, there's a lot of this...

Michael Bradley pretty much sealed the game with an Olimpico goal. Notice how no one else needed to touch the ball and it just floated in on its own from the corner? That's called an Olimpico goal.


"Are you not entertained?!"

In a game that doesn't count, the US won, and we don't care that it didn't count.

After the match everyone was all like "more soccer please" because we love soccer matches even if they don't count. These are the matches we get to look forward to heading into the 2015 Gold Cup.

via Landon Howell

via Landon Howell

But all in all...