13 Things To Do When College GameDay Comes to Town

shared on fancred by  zonazoo

shared on fancred by zonazoo

With a membership of 9,000 fans, ZonaZoo is one of the largest student sections in the world. They're also the longest-active student section with a Fancred fan profile

On February 21, 2015, ZonaZoo shared their entire gameday on their fan profile for ESPN's visit to Tucson. They captured every moment exclusively on Fancred, and we've shared some of our favorite moments below. 

So... what should a student section do when ESPN's College GameDay comes to town? Follow ZonaZoo's lead.


1. Arrive Early

shared on fancred by  zonazoo

shared on fancred by zonazoo

ZonaZoo started lining up at 5AM.


2. Bring breakfast... for everyone

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Bagels and muffins and oranges and bananas and juice and Capri Sun and now we're hungry.

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3. Bring Entertainment

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✓ Blowup movie screen
✓ Digital projector
✓ Space Jam


4. Sun Up? Line Up.

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5. File In

the court 2.jpg

6. Get Your Spot and make sure your sign is visible


7. Get hype

pump u[.jpg

"Jay Williams pumping up the Zoo!!"


8. Enjoy the show


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Jay Bilas' Nike game is strong.


9. Take a break

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You've got the entire day ahead of you.

Rest your body.
Rest your voice.
Eat some pizza... served to you by the basketball team.


10. Prep your game gear

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"2,280 balloons fit in 8 trash bags, in case you're wondering. These will be brought out at half."


11. Game time


12. Fly the Flag

"During halftime at every game, we spread this 45ft foot flag across the ZonaZoo... there's always a good selfie to be taken under the flag"


13. Enjoy the win

shared on fancred by  STEPHEN JEWELL

shared on fancred by STEPHEN JEWELL

36-straight wins at home

Should you be good enough to come away with the W like Arizona did, enjoy it. You got up really early for this.