Gameday: Manchester United

There are many Manchester United fans on Fancred, but Bradley Ericson has one of the most entertaining profiles. One dive into his Manchester United album and you realize just how deep his passion runs.

Bradley recently took a trip from Boston to Manchester for... well, a lot of stuff. Instead of trying to tell you, I'll just let Bradley show you through his Fancred posts.


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"Saw the United U21s go top of the table after beating Chelsea."

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"Away at West Ham after the last minute equalizer."


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"Man Utd Boston in Manchester"


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"I met Pete, who was in from london, at a match here with ManUtdBoston. Safe to safe we're friends for life now after traveling together to see united home and away"


"Rented a box at Millwall for my Boys birthday."


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"West Ham Away. Directly behind the goal, what an experience."


"Meeting with United."

"Nothing better than a home win."



"Pregame singing outside Old Trafford"