Tradition Restored

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Every sports fan loves traditions. For many, there's no difference between traditions and the sporting events themselves. For generations after every Auburn win, fans have gathered at the corner of College and Magnolia to roll the Oaks.

Auburn's Oaks were poisoned by a rival fan in January of 2011, and removed in April 2013.

On February 14th, 2015, Auburn restored its tradition of the oaks at Toomer's Corner, shutting down downtown and broadcasting the event for free on the web.

Many Fancredders were there, sharing photos to their Fancred profiles. Here are a few.


The Auburn Oaks making their way to the crossroads of College & Magnolia


The Oaks being loaded for transport in South Carolina


With much excitement, the roads of Downtown Auburn were shutdown for the instillation of the trees at the historic corner.


Tree #1 Arrives

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Auburn University had a feature on their website where fans and alumni who couldn't attend the ceremony in person could view a live feed of the instillation. Here's a snap shot. Not bad, eh?


Fans won't be able to roll the trees until the 2016 football season, but fans are thrilled that Toomer's Corner is starting to take the shape that it once was in.

Those trees meant a lot to a lot of people in the Auburn Family so it’s going to be an exciting day as we turn the page and look more towards the future.
— Mike Clardy, Media Relations

After three years of uncertainty, Auburn fans are happy to see one of the most recognizable traditions in college sports restored.