It's snowed a Big Papi in Boston

This morning's front page of The Boston Globe included a more relatable way to see and discuss the epic winter weather in New England. Using one player from each of Boston's four major teams, it is clearly evident that Boston is about to get Gronk Spiked.

From Cut 4:


"According to the National Weather Service, Boston's snowfall total as of Monday evening has hit 76.5 inches and is now a half inch over Ortiz's height of 6-foot-4. Considering we're only entering mid-February, the snow totals will likely eclipse the rest of the Red Sox active roster soon. The 6-foot-6 Justin Masterson has the best shot at keeping his head above frozen-water, but even he probably shouldn't (snow)bank on it.

The 5-foot-8 Dustin Pedroia was consumed by the snow days ago. Maybe he can get Ortiz to pull him out."