A photo of the scoreboard via  wikipedia

A photo of the scoreboard via wikipedia

Last week was the 99th anniversary of the most lopsided game in college football
history. On October 7, 1916, Georgia Tech defeated Cumberland 222-0. Yep... 222-0. 

Fancred member Chris Yandle, Georgia Tech Assistant Athletic Director shared two great photos in honor of the anniversary.

shared on  fancred  by  chris yandle

shared on fancred by chris yandle

So just what the heck happened? Here's a wonderful summary

"Cumberland College, a Presbyterian school in Lebanon, Tennessee, had discontinued its football program before the season but was not allowed to cancel its game against the Engineers. The fact that Cumberland's baseball team had crushed Georgia Tech earlier that year 22–0 (amidst allegations that Cumberland used professionals as ringers) probably accounted for Georgia Tech coach John Heisman's running up the score on the Bulldogs, Heisman also being the Engineers' baseball coach. He insisted on the schools' scheduling agreement, which required Cumberland to pay $3,000 ($65,000 in inflation-adjusted terms) to Tech if its football team failed to show. In fact, Heisman actually paid Cumberland $500 ($10,800 in inflation-adjusted terms) as an incentive to play the game..."

Yes, John Heisman is that Heisman. Never cross a Heisman.

shared on  fancred  by  chris yandle

shared on fancred by chris yandle

Chris Yandle: "Legendary football coach John Heisman led Georgia Tech to 1917 national title and was coach for infamous 222-0 game in 1916."