Patriots' Jamie Collins not a fan of Media Day either, still talks

Marshawn Lynch isn't talking to the media. He never does, and it is often blamed on his fear of public speaking and/or interviews. 

Jamie Collins plays for the New England Patriots. Like Lynch, Collins hates the attention, the crowds, the microphones the... well, we'll just let him tell you.

"It’s not something I look forward to," Collins said of Media Day. "I can tell you like that. It’s just not something that I get excited about. If I had a choice, I wouldn’t do it. I don’t really need all the publicity."

But, as we read here, he still talks. 

On a lighter note: Someone gave Gronk a Selfie Stick. 

On an interesting note: An NFL player has chimed in on DeflateGate. 

Here's the key quote...

“I’ve probably handled the pigskin in a game about five times in seven years. The ball could turn into a small house pet in my hands and I wouldn’t notice.”

Native Bostonian, Louis C.K. has some deep thoughts on DeflateGate...

"I have no problem with it. I think it's hilarious."

Sweet dreams, everyone.