It's Only Weird If It Doesn't Work: The Seahawks Churro


"At every Seahawks game my friend attends with me, he has to eat a churro. That has been stepped on."


That statement got our attention. 

Ted is a Fancredder from Seattle. He also happens to be a season ticket holder for the Seahawks. We asked him to elaborate...

So at last year’s NFC Championship game, the Seahawks were trailing and the guy in the picture needed food. They only sell corn dogs and churros in the stands, so a churro it was. In the transfer from the vendor to the consumer a fumble occurred. I may have stepped on the churro, but after an evil look from the purchaser, the consumer ate the churro anyway. And then the game turned around for the Seahawks, and the Comeback Churro was born.
via  ted crane

"The Comeback Churro. A churro that is dropped, stepped on, then eaten."

via  ted crane

But Ted is not done yet. He's headed Arizona this weekend to cheer for his Hawks. 

He'll have one special item in his carryon bag. 


"My piece of churro to consume at the Super Bowl."

via  ted crane