The Incredible Sports Artwork of John Robertson

via john robertson's fancred profile

Everyone uses Fancred differently. Some share sport memes, some share their thoguhts on the game, others create a digital scrapbook of their sports life. Then there are some who use Fancred is incredible ways we never really thought about before launching the app.

Say hello to John Robertson. John joined Fancred in December 2014 and uploaded a single photo of himself standing beside a painting (see photo above) with the caption...

I had painted a group of paintings for the new San Francisco 49ers football stadium in Santa Clara, Ca. Here is me with one of the paintings in the owner’s suite at the stadium.

...and that's how I was introduced to John's work. It's beautiful, but it's completely different than any sports artwork I've seen before. The strokes and colors and the style work together to perfectly the capture the scene. It's a completely different use for Fancred, and it's a perfect use of Fancred.

Head to his Fancred profile to see more in his photo album.