The Top 5 Major League Baseball parks according to Yelp

Number one of the list gets high marks all around. From food to atmosphere to the view of Pittsburgh itself, PNC seems like the jam, and evidently the quality of play doesn't lead one to drink. From Yelper Eric G.

"The stadium is really that beautiful, and the atmosphere is much more laid back (and sober) than a Steelers game. For me, going to the game was a perfect end to a great Independence Day weekend."


You know 'the coldest winter I ever spent was a summer in San Francisco' Mark Twain quote? Yeah, he actually never said that, but still... it does get pretty cold in San Francisco, especially by the water, which is where you'll find AT&T Park. Evidently it is easiest to get tickets to this venue before the warm weather arrives, which makes since.  

But what should you do once you get inside? Yelper rave of the views, the unique beers on tap, and of course the garlic fries.

"The garlic fries are also amazing! I can't stop eating them once I get just one bite. There are also plenty of bathrooms available for all the guests."

If I'm reading between the lines here, garlic fries = I need to poop, now.

via roland l

via roland l

"The Cathedral of Boston" it is. Fenway Park opened its gates in 1912. It seats 37,499 people and cost just $650,000 to build. Shanna L says it best...

"Even if you don't follow baseball, Fenway Park is one of the most amazing places to be."

It really is, and you can catch a glimpse of it pretty much every day at the connect Bleacher Bar.

"If you come early, I'd recommend checking out Bleacher bar to get a view of the outfield while grabbing a bite to eat and a drink."


4. Safeco Field (Seattle Mariners)

My favorite thing about the Safeco reviews is the guy who complimented Safeco, then gave it 4 stars, then told us he'd never actually been to a baseball game at Safeco.

"Although I've never attended a game in Seattle it seems that the stadium looks great for a venue for baseball.  Centrally located in downtown Seattle, I would definitely come up to watch a Mets game if they played."


Crab cakes and football, that's what Maryland does. But it also does baseball in a park that created the resurgence of "ballparks with character." Basically the anti-Fulton County Stadium.

But I must say, of all the Yelp reviews I read, this one was my favorite.

"Not only did the O's win, but we had an absolutely adorable hot dog vender. He was working most of the lower deck, including section 48. Dwayne - very accommodating, took his time with my toppings; spelling out Orioles with the mustard, which he appeared to do with everyone, not just those of is who engaged him in conversation."

American, man. America.