The answer to the following questions is

  • Should I live stream from the game?
  • Should I live stream from the tailgate?
  • Should I live stream my halftime rant from my couch?
  • Should I start a weekly live stream show?
  • REALLY?! I can start my own weekly live show?!
  • Can I use Fancred to live stream 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year?
  • Should I live stream while I set my fantasy football lineup, asking the audience for help?
  • Can I tag my friends to notify the that I'm going live?
  • Can the quality of live streams be better if I'm connected to WiFi or a strong cell connection?
  • When my stream ends can I start another immediately after, even if my hot take ain't so hot?
  • Is pizza the best?
  • Are hot wings the best, too?
  • Should I live stream pretty much anything sports-related?
  • Am I an awesome and good looking person?
  • If I have additional questions can I email

NOpe, or not yet.

  • Can I replay live streams? 
  • Can live streams last longer than 5 minutes?
  • Is a cupcake a vegetable?
  • Can I watch live streams on an Android device or at
  • Can viewers see how many people are watching my streams?
  • Should I live stream during church?
  • Can I save my streams?
  • Can I live stream whatever I want? Sure, so long as it doesn't go against anything in Fancred's Terms of Service.